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Eligibility, Fees, & Discounts Spring/Summer Season 2024


WMLL has different eligibility requirements for baseball & softball.  In both cases, however, WMLL adheres to Little League International’s “Age Determination Date” requirements.  See below pdf files for LL Age Charts.

Baseball: Boys & girls Little League aged 7 to 16 (= the player’s age as of August 31, 2024) who live or attend school in the Madison West, Madison Memorial or Middleton-Cross Plains high school attendance areas are eligible to play 2024 spring/summer season baseball at WMLL.

Softball: Girls Little League aged 7 to 16 (= the player’s age as of December 31, 2023) are eligible to play 2023 spring/summer season softball at WMLL.  No residency or school requirements exist for softball.

Gender Identity & Participant Disability Policies: WMLL encourages participation of all children, and acknowledges that some participants may require a modification or waiver of WMLL or Little League International (LLI) rules in order to participate in a manner consistent with their Gender Identity, irrespective of the gender listed on the child’s birth certificate or due to the participant claiming rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to request a modification or waiver of the rules in accordance with LLI policy & procedures. Click Here for details about WMLL’s Gender Identity Policy & Click Here for details about WMLL’s Participant Disability Policy.


Player Registration Fee: The standard registration fee for WMLL’s 2024 spring/summer season is as follows:
– $235 for Rookie League baseball and softball
– $255 for Minor, Major, Junior/Senior League softball and Senior League baseball
– $280 for Minor, Major, & Junior League baseball
The difference between the fees is due to the number of games each of the leagues play.

Postgame Snack Prepayment: A prepayment for WMLL’s player postgame snack program is also collected during registration.  This popular program provides players with a $3 (increased $1 from last year) concession stand snack after all regular season and league playoff games.  The fee is as follows:

  • $51 for Minor, Major, & Junior League baseball (17 games)
  • $45 for Rookie baseball & all softball leagues (15 games)
  • $33 for Senior baseball (11 games)

The difference between the fees is due to the number of games each of the leagues play.  Teams may not play these exact number of games at the end of the season due to playoff success and variable rainout schedule make-up capabilities.

Late Registration Fee: All registrations completed after the end of the regular registration period on February 29, 2024 will be charged a $20 late fee to encourage on-time reservation.  Also, players that register late can be placed on a team only if space is available (each league has a separate maximum capacity), & may receive their uniform late.

Multi Player Discount: After two children from the same family have registered, each additional child from that family receives a $50 discount.


To find out more information about WMLL's Player Scholarship program where financial assistance for eligible families is available please visit our separate webpage on this topic:

In order to be considered for a Player Scholarship you must go through the application process outlined on that page


If you have questions about anything related to scholarships or the application, please contact WMLL’s Executive Director, Ben Stuart, at